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Your Second Visit

Our front desk chiropractor assistants will greet you and ask you to sign the form on the front counter.

This will be your Report of Findings visit where you will be given:

Marietta Chiropractor

We will review our x-ray findings with you.

  • A thorough explanation of your problem.
  • Recommendations for the type of treatment, treatment schedule, and anticipated length of care necessary to attain the best possible results.
  • The cost of your treatment will be given to you at that time, including any applicable insurance coverage and the amounts that you will need to pay Our office procedures, payment options, and your treatment schedule will be explained to you.
  • If we can accept you as a patient, chiropractic care will begin right at this point and we will follow your treatment schedule so that a maximum correction for your condition can be obtained.

You will be scheduled for an Extended Doctor’s Report where you will be given a through explanation of how our treatment works and things that you can do at home to help the process along.

This process will usually take between 30 and 45 minutes.

Take a look to see what to expect during your regular visits.