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Lab Tests

Bone Health Panel (BHP)

Aging is inevitable, and bone reflects the aging process by exhibiting gradual loss of mass. In susceptible individuals, this can cause osteoporosis. Bone metabolism is a continous, delicate process of balancing ongoing deposition and breakdown. Hormonal balance, nutrition, lifestyle and genetics are all contributing factors to bone metabolism. This panel provides measurements of six key hormones in saliva—progesterone, estradiol, testosterone, cortisol, FSH and DHEA/DHEA-S—as well as the bone marker DPD in urine. Urinary and salivary assays provide bone resorption markers for a complex patient report presented in an easy-to-read, customized format.

Postmenopause Panel™ (PostM™) and Perimenopause Panel™ (PeriM™)

Menopause is a natural and usually gradual change in glandular function in women resulting in substantial shifts in hormone levels.
The Postmenopause Panel™ provides measurements of six key hormones:
1. Estrone (E1)
2. Estradiol (E2)
3. Estriol (E3)
4. Progesterone (P)
5. Testosterone (T)
6. DHEA, DHEA-S (pooled)

The Perimenopause Panel™ contains the same components as the Postmenopause Panel™ but sampled twice, 13-15 days apart.
The inclusion of FSH and LH in the expanded Postmenopause Panel™ (ePostM™) and expanded Perimenopause Panel™ (ePeriM™), extends the interpretation to include pituitary involvement.

Foodsafe Allergy Test

Food Allergy (Sensitivity) Panel (FIP)

The Food Allergy (Sensitivity) Panel tests for an immune response to four of the most common food allergens: gluten, soy, milk and egg proteins. Antibodies to these foods can easily be tested for from a non-invasive saliva sample, providing information that can aid in successful treatment.

Male Hormone Panel™ (MHP™) and Expanded Male Hormone Panel™ (eMHP™)

The aging process is inevitable. However, restoring lost male vitality is within reach. The hormones involved in this restoration can now be collectively measured in one salivary sample using the regular or expanded Male Hormone Panels™ (MHP™ and eMHP™).

Female Hormone Panel (FHP)

The Female Hormone Panel (FHP) is a non-invasive test consisting of 11 saliva specimens collected during specified time periods throughout the menstrual cycle. The ovaries are a major component of the female reproductive cycle and they release hormones in a cyclical manner which is referred to as the menstrual cycle. The Female Hormone Panel provides a dynamic mapping of the free fraction levels of Estradiol (E2) and Progesterone (P) throughout one cycle. In addition, the cycle average of Testosterone (T) and DHEA are measured. The Female Hormone Panel includes: Estradiol (x11), Progesterone (x11), cycle average Testosterone and DHEA/DHEA-S, 3 Progesterone production indices, 4 Estradiol production indices, a full cycle P/E ratio graph and an example of a restorative plan. The expanded Female Hormone Panel (eFHP) includes an additional seven (7) FSH and seven (7) LH measurements.