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Health Talk Topic List

• The 7 Deadly Sins of Nutrition
• The 7 Lifestyle Habits of Incredibly Healthy People
• Anxiety And Depression: It’s Not All In Your Head
• Arthritis and Osteoporosis Prevention
• Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD): A Simple Fix
• Be Your Own Doctor: Do It Yourself Home Remedies with Dr. Joe Esposito
• Carpal Tunnel Prevention and Treatment
• Chronic Disease: A New Approach
• Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia
• Crohn’s Disease and Colitis: A New Approach
• Digestion Problems: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know and Can’t Tell You
• Disaster Preparedness
• Drug Free Treatment for Back and Neck Pain
• Environmental Illness and Chemical Sensitivity: Is Your House Making You Sick?
• Female Health Challenges: Alternative Treatments That Might Work For You
• The Food-Romance Connection
• Headache Relief and Prevention
• The Immune System: What Weakens It And How To Strengthen It
• Keeping Your New Year’s Dietary Resolutions
• Making the Transition to Better Nutrition: It’s Easier and Less Expensive Than You Think!
• Peak Performance For Your Children (and Yourself)
• Prostate Conditions: The Cause And What To Do About It
• Solutions to Allergies and Asthma
• Spring Cleaning For The Body: How To Cleanse and Detoxify the Internal Organs
• The Truth About High Protein Diets
• Vegetarian Diets: Can They Really Provide Enough Protein, Calcium and Other Vital Nutrients?
• Weight Loss Workshop: Why Diets Don’t Work

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The sooner you make a decision to begin, the quicker you’ll see results and… the better you will feel.
Your investment in The Nutrition Kitchen™ Lecture Series will give you a lifetime of returns. Just by reading this information gets you started.

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• Corporate Seminars and Lectures – for Companies, Organizations, Conferences, Civic Affiliations.
• Keynote Speeches – for Events, Dinners, and Trade Shows
• Cooking Demonstrations– Healthy Cooking Demonstrations for Companies or Organizations.
• Kids Programs – Adaptable for kids of all ages. Tape available.
• Nutritional/Lifestyle Management Consultation – Personal evaluation of current nutritional program. Plan of Action recommendations for change.
Call today about Dr. Joe’s The Nutrition Kitchen™ Lecture Series Seminars, Programs and Audio/Video Tapes. Lecture topics: Unplug Your Freezer: The 7 Deadly Sins of Nutrition, So…What Do You Eat? and Eating Right: The 7 Deadly Sins of Nutrition All Kids Should Know.

The Nutrition Kitchen™ Lecture Series

Dr. Joe takes a humorous approach to exposing the damaging things we do to ourselves in our nutritional program and teaches us how to feel healthy, eat healthy and achieve a healthy environment in our “real world” environment.

What You’ll Discover From Dr. Joe…..
The Nutrition Kitchen™ Lecture Series will not only change the way you feel, but will change your life. You will have the tools to change the way you look and feel…for as long as you choose!

You will learn how to:
• Improve your personal and professional environments;
• Sleep better and longer during the night;
• Learn how to achieve your ideal weight naturally;
• Improve your sports performance and training programs through nutrition;
• Feel better and have more energy;
• Stimulate your creative thinking process; and
• Learn how to eat healthier in a “real world” environment.
• Below are just a few seminars Dr. Joe has to offer:

Part I: Unplug Your Freezer: The 7 Myths of Nutrition
Healthy nutrition is a simple process often misunderstood or never properly learned. Many people engage in daily activities which are toxic and potentially dangerous to their lifestyle. Dr. Esposito humorously exposes many of the usual, yet damaging, things we do to ourselves everyday through our nutritional program, or lack of a nutritional program. He shows you that someone really cares about you and about the way you feel.
Before the presentation is over, you will have the tools and knowledge to change the way you look and feel…for as long as you choose! You will leave with the simple tools and knowledge to immediately make a difference in your energy level at work, exercise and play; change your attitude towards your career; and help you in managing the challenges of each day.

Dr. “Joe” is just what your doctor ordered!

Part II: So…What Do You Eat?
“So, what do you eat?” is the most frequently asked question of Dr. Joe. When you realize that your eating habits may be the cause (and the cure) for most diseases or stress factors, it is important to determine how you can eat healthy each day and still live in the real world.
This program promotes nutrition for reality. Questions answered: “How can I go to dinner at a restaurant?”, “How can I change my eating habits in a positive way?” “How can I eat when I travel or when my schedule is very hectic?” “How can I eat healthy and not spend lots of time in the kitchen?”, “What can I prepare for my kids?”
Dr. Joe’s “10 Guidelines for Healthier Nutrition” gives you a simple, easy method of making it happen. You can eat healthier and fit it into your “real world” environment. Dr. Joe’s upbeat, humorous approach to this “age-old” challenge teaches you that you can feel great, eat healthy, save money and avoid diseases caused by unhealthy nutrition. Find out in this delightful, and yet serious program how you can find your own answer to the question, “So What Do You Eat?”

Eating Right: The 7 Deadly Sins of Nutrition All Kids Should Know
Dr. Joe has adapted the contents of The Nutritional Kitchen Series, Part I: They 7 Deadly Sins of Nutrition for children of all ages. Nutrition is often misunderstood by both kids and parents. Today’s research shows the children eat “stuff” which is toxic and dangerous to their health. They do not eat properly – at home or at schools. This is resulting in more children who are unhealthy and physically unfit.
The tools and knowledge which Dr. Joe shares with kids give them an opportunity to examine what they are eating, and learn what they can do to become healthier. By starting with our children now, we can work towards a healthier adult in the future.
Dr. Joe is just what your doctor ordered for your kids!